Trees Topper

Community response to the Trees of Hope reached $18,500 this year, the highest total yet for the Christmas themed campaign. Before there was a Windy Slopes Health Foundation, the Pincher Creek Auxiliary ran the campaign from 1990 to 2004.

“It’s hard to find the right words to express our gratitude to the people of Pincher Creek and district,” said Foundation Chair Donna Schauerte. “Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. We’re honoured to carry on the legacy.”

Funds raised this year will support enhancements to the Emergency Department at Pincher Creek Health Centre. Site Manager Jordan Koch says the renovations being developed “…will provide greater privacy for patients and their families, and that’s very important in what can be a stressful environment. It’ll also make the work area even more secure.”

A new display created by Boulder Industries staff was lit each night throughout the holiday season. “I think it definitely helped us, it looked great and created lots of awareness, “ Schauerte said. “The display will be back next year, in fact it’ll become a permanent part of the Trees of Hope tradition.”

But the Foundation won’t be waiting for next Christmas to continue its fundraising efforts. While Vacation a Month Raffle 2 tickets are still on sale, plans are already underway to launch Vacation a Month Raffle 3 in the fall. Keep checking here for details!

Display Trees of HOpe Lorna Trees of Hope
New display created by Myrl Boese and his staff at Boulder Industries Lorna MacKinnon (Pincher Creek Health Centre) placing one of the specal decorations on the tree located in the foyer at Pincher Creek Health Centre.