There when needed ...


From left to right - The Hartman family: Adrian, Sierra, Erik, Cassie and Lori

Rushing a child to the hospital is frightening enough, now imagine being in that situation in a brand new town. The Hartman family had that experience shortly after moving to Pincher Creek in 2011.

“We were getting ready for Christmas, so of course the kids were excited,” Adrian Hartman recalled. “Erik was trying to get the top box off a pile, and somehow it fell on his head, cutting him pretty badly. You can imagine how scared he was, and being new in town we had no idea what to expect.”

That’s when the Emergency Room staff at Pincher Creek Health Centre took control. “They were all so professional, they knew exactly how to get our son calm enough, so they could do the necessary treatment. Rather than stitches, they used a glue, which was way less traumatic for him and worked really well.”

So Erik would remember the experience more positively, staff gave the then-three-year-old his own ‘hospital bear’ to take home. “They even put a bandage on the bear’s head just like Erik’s.  It became a real treasure for him,” Adrian said.   

It was April 2013 when the Hartmans were back to emergency with their daughter, Sierra. “She was two years old back then and quite sick with the flu,” remembered Lori Hartman. “They decided to give her I.V. fluids and set us up in the day surgery room across from Emergency overnight, so we could get some rest.” 

Sierra was able to go home the next morning with a new little friend- her very own ‘hospital bear.’ “You never want your kids to be sick,” said Lori, “but when they are it’s comforting to have such excellent care only minutes away in our town.”

Windy Slopes Health Foundation committed to raise $450,000 for Emergency Room renovations at Pincher Creek Health Centre. “The renovation will enhance privacy and security for families like the Hartmans, staff and doctors,” said Jordan Koch, Site Manager at Pincher Creek Health Centre. “It’ll be even more efficient, with better space for intake and improved sight lines so staff can keep tabs on everything that’s going on.”  

Since those two emergency visits, Adrian Hartman has become a trustee on the board of Windy Slopes Health Foundation. “I wanted to support the people who were there for our family when we needed help,” Adrian said. “The Foundation is all about enhancing local health care, in the Emergency Room and all aspects of care available in Pincher Creek.”

Elves at it again ...

From left to right -  Volunteers, Sue Possnett, Linda Conley, Carol Fitzpatrick, June LeGrandeur, Bev Barr, Joyce McFarland, Edith Warkentin, Joanne Evans, Rae Olds. (Volunteer Coordinator- AHS).

While everyone appreciates the care delivered at Pincher Creek Health Centre, no one looks forward to being a patient during the holiday season. Thankfully, a clever gang of ‘elves” stockpiled a supply of well-stuffed stockings to brighten the spirits of those who had to be hospitalized over Christmas.

“The volunteers did an amazing job, in fact many who helped last year came back again” says Pam Vamplew, AHS Volunteer Coordinator for Crowsnest Pass and Pincher Creek.

“Thirty adult stockings and seven stockings for kids were assembled, and the nurses at Pincher Creek Health Centre will help Santa by handing them out to patients over the holidays,” Vamplew explained.

The volunteers sewed stockings themselves, then got together December 8th to stuff them with socks, crossword puzzles, pens, lotions, nail kits, tissues, candy, plus toys and stickers for the kids. Dr. Bonertz of Creekside Dental Clinic also supplied toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste for patient stockings.

“A $300 donation from Windy Slopes Health Foundation got us rolling, along with support from McRae Trucking and Dr. Bonertz,” Vamplew said.

"While the foundation has tackled some big projects over the years, a simple thing like a stocking can make a great impact too," said Donna Schauerte, foundation Chair. “The staff love playing Santa and the foundation board is delighted to help in our small way."

Donations Top $12,000 with Credit Union Gift

Maggie Olson and Steve Barfuss (Foundation Trustees) with Vicki French, Manager Pincher Creek Credit Union (centre) 

As predictable as a visit from Santa, the good folks at Pincher Creek Credit Union can always be counted upon to show their support for the Trees of Hope campaign. Foundation Trustees Steve Barfuss and Maggie Olson stopped by with goodies, and accepted a donation of $3,500 from Pincher Creek Credit Union Manager Vicki French and her staff. 

“The Credit Union are awesome community supporters, giving every year like they do,” said Olson. “What’s fun and special in 2012 is they helped us break the $12,000 mark in donations.”

Pincher Creek Credit Union has donated $3,500 to the Trees of Hope every Christmas for the past five years, bringing their total contribution to $17,500 since 2008. Funds have been earmarked this year for enhancements to the Emergency Department at Pincher Creek Health Centre.  "The renovations that are planned will provide greater privacy for emergency patients and their families, and will make the work area safer for everyone," Olson said.    

The campaign continued through the holiday season with donations accepted at Pincher Creek Health Centre. Donors gave in memory of a loved one, or as a holiday greeting to all. Wishes were written on special decorations and added to the tree on display in the foyer at Pincher Creek Health Centre.

“It’s just amazing and really gratifying how donations are pouring in, “Olson said. “I can’t wait to see where the total ends up this year." For more information, see the Trees of Hope 2012 Wrap-up.


Recent Gifts


The Surgical Suite is a busy part of Pincher Creek Health Centre, with procedures performed four days a week. Teams of local physicians and nurses, plus visiting surgeons from Lethbridge, rely on having the latest technology available to assist them in their work. A generous donation of $20,000 from Glen and Lois Mumey helped the Foundation provide upgraded video monitors and other enhancements to the surgical suites this spring. “Lois and I believe it’s important to give back to the community in a constructive way,” Glen said. “The hospital and medical services in Pincher Creek have an excellent reputation. We’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to support health care locally.”   As you can see, the staff now utilizing and enjoying these wonderful upgrades were delighted!

Smiles All Around


Tim Hortons is close by Pincher Creek Health Centre, and health care services are near and dear to them. Mark Nelson, owner/operator of the local Tim Hortons, presents a cheque for $895 to Foundation Chair Sandy Breckenridge. The funds were raised during Tim’s annual Smile Cookie campaign.